New Destinations - A Group For Retirees

What would you like to do for the rest of your life?

Are you: Thinking about the years ahead? Looking at the world and wondering how you will be and what you will do? Wondering how to move beyond the structured work world to find satisfaction and meaning in new ways?

Join a retirees group that will help you answer these questions about what to do in retirement and more. Participate with others who are:
  • Looking for next steps to take on a path to a meaningful and fulfilled life. 
  • Aiming to understand and enjoy this life stage. 
  • Seeking opportunities to share with others and to learn from others. 
  • Wanting to grow, expand, and get as much from life as possible.
Join New Destinations to explore with other retirees the next directions your life could take, and share retirement ideas. Led by Dr. Marc D. Geller (#1821), the New Destinations group will help you write the next chapters of your life alongside others on a similar journey

Download the New Destinations brochure here.